Credit Card – Processing

This section contains information that will assist proxies and cardholders with the reconciling and monitoring of transactions in the CUNYfirst Credit Card Workbench.

How to Reconcile Credit Card Transactions

Each card holder or their proxy reconciles each CUNY Credit Card transaction, uploads corresponding receipts, and then submits the electronically reconciled transactions with their receipts to the cardholder’s supervisor for review and verification. A business purpose must be entered in the comment field for each transaction.

Before reconciling a CUNY Card:

  • Scan all itemized receipts/invoices as they will need to be uploaded into CUNYfirst.
    • If reconciling a NET card, be sure to upload:
      • justification letter for travel expenses as well as an e-mail, brochure, or invitation;
      • list of travelers / signatures;
      • itemized receipt for hotel, with room number and the traveler’s name, if appropriate;
      • boarding pass(es), if appropriate; and
      • request for actual lodging expense, if appropriate.
  1. Log in to CUNYfirst.
  2. Navigate to Financials Supply Chain > Purchasing > Procurement Cards > Reconcile > Reconcile Statement.
  3. Cardholders with more than one card may want to search by Card Number or Issuer. Click the “Search” button. The Procurement Card Transactions page will display all transactions that meet the search criteria.
  4. Review each transaction to confirm that the amount charged is the same as the amount on the receipt and that the transaction was for a legitimate business purpose.  
  5. Click the Comments icon to enter details and upload attachments for each transaction. On the Line Comments page, enter the business purpose of each transaction in the comments field. If the transaction is in dispute, enter details regarding the dispute. If the transaction is a credit, enter a comment that identifies the posting date and amount of the original transaction.
  6. To add a receipt to a transaction, click the “Attach” button. Select “Choose File” from the pop-up menu, and then find the files that were scanned and saved earlier. Select the file and then click “Upload.” An additional comment line may be created by clicking the “+” sign in the upper right. You may then include an additional attachment. Click the yellow “OK” button to return to the Procurement Card Transactions page.
  7. If another department’s budget will be taking fiscal responsibility for a purchase, click the “Distribution” button for that transaction to modify the chartfields as necessary. Click the “OK” button to return to the Reconcile Statement page. Be sure to indicate that another department’s budget will be taking fiscal responsibility for the purchase in the comments field as described previously.
  8. When all transactions have been reconciled, click the “Save” button. Click the “Notify” button to notify the cardholder’s supervisor so that they can review and verify the transactions.

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