Budget Transfer Requests

  • Requests should be submitted to tlbr@brooklyn.cuny.edu
  • Requests must indicate:
    • Budget unit or CUNYfirst Chartfield string
    • Budget group (OTPS or TS)
    • Amount
    • Specific purpose (e.g. “For [Employee Name] appointment for FY23”, “One-Time transfer to cover the costs for conference room furniture”)
  • Requests must have Department Approver authorization
  • Budgets for University allocations/grants cannot be transferred out
  • Transfers from TS to OTPS must be requested prior to the start of the fiscal year. (University allocations should be outlined between OTPS and TS when allocation is received)
  • Budgets cannot be transferred between Financial Entities (Tax Levy
    <–> IFR, Tax Levy <–> BCF, Tax Levy <–> Non-Tax Levy, etc.)

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