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Create a Non-Marketplace Requisition

Logging into CUNYBuy

CUNYBuy can be accessed from the following link using your single sign-on login ID (i.e., Fistname.Lastname01@login.cuny.edu).

Create a Non-Marketplace Requisition

For goods or services that are not currently available on the Marketplace, creators can create a requisition using the Non-Marketplace option.

Step 1: Verify/Change the BU

Always verify the business unit and that the cart is empty before creating the requisition. 

Note: To empty the cart, select the cart to open the Shopping Cart window. Then click the ellipse(…) beside the item to display and select the Remove option. The item will be removed from the cart.

Step 2: Create Requisition

In the Shop section, select the Create a Requisition (Non-Marketplace) link to display requisition window.

Note: The Create a Requisition (Non-Marketplace) option is also available using the Quick Links box. This option should NOT be used for software purchases and renewals.

Step 3: Vendor Information

  1. For an Existing Supplier, use the Magnifying  Glass icon to search for and select a vendor.  When the vendor is unknown or is not found during your search, use the Supplier Not Known tab to indicate the vendor is not in the current supplier file. The supplier will be identified during the purchasing process.
    Note: With the exception of supplier information, the fields in the form are the same.
  2. Enter Item information (ALL items marked with a * is mandatory).
  3. Search for and select category code. Use the plus sign (+) to make your selection.
  4. Click the Save button to save your work. The CUNYBuy homepage will display.

Note: To add another line, click the Save and Add Another button next to the save button and repeat steps.

Step 4: Proceed to Checkout

To submit the cart, click the Cart icon at the top right of the homepage. You will notice that the amount of your requisition is now indicated next to the cart. Select the View Cart option to proceed to the Shopping Cart page.

Review the requisition information then click on Proceed to Checkout to submit the cart.

Completing the Requisition


  • Click the Pencil icon next to the General section to access the dialog box.
  • Select the Requisition Name to edit it and provide a unique and descriptive name that helps identify the purpose or nature of the requisition. 
  • In the Justification field, provide a clear explanation of why the purchase is needed and how it aligns with the business objectives.

    Please note: When the Amount Only field is selected, the quantity must NOT exceed more than one.
  • Review and update the Prepared For information, to reflect the request is being created on behalf of another staff. Please not that if this staff member is in the approval chain, that staff member will not be allowed to approve as there are no “Self-Approvals” in CUNYBuy.
  • Use the Period of Service section to enter a date range for subscriptions/services.
  • Click the Save button to save your work.

Shipping & Billing

  • Click the Pencil icon next to the respective section you want to edit (Shipping or Billing). 
  • To edit the Shipping address (Note: If you need to add or modify campus address information, submit a ServiceNow ticket):
    • Click on the Magnifying Glass icon to show a list of available options for shipping.
    • Select the appropriate shipping information.
    • Click the Save button to save your work.
  • To edit the Billing information:
    • Click the Magnifying Glass icon to view a list of available options.
    • Select the applicable option(s) and click the Save button.
    • Note: When a default billing address is selected, the address is auto-populated and used for processing any requisitions in all business units associated to the user. Always verify and update the billing address based on the business unit for the transaction.

Accounting Codes

Accounting information (Chartfields) must be entered for transactions to proceed. Please contact your campus business office for chartfield information. The Accounting Codes may be accessed in two ways:

  • Clicking the hyperlink in the Requisition Status panel
  • Scrolling down to the services or Accounting Codes section and selecting the Pencil icon
    • Enter the applicable chartfield information into the corresponding fields OR click the Heart icon to select from your favorites section.
    • Select the Checkmark icon to validate the chartfield. This step ensures that the entered Chartfield string is valid.
    • Click on the Save button to save your work and continue.

Comments & Attachments

The Comments and Attachments sections are available for entering support information related to the requisition. These sections serve different purposes and guidelines:

  • Comments: The Comments section is specifically intended for internal CUNY review. It provides a space where you can add additional details, notes, or instructions related to the requisition. When you click on the Comments section header, you will be prompted to enter the additional details.
  • Attachments: The Attachments section allows you to include supporting documents or files that are relevant to the requisition.

Submit Request

Check the Requisition Status panel to review any draft status items that require additional corrections.

Upon completion, select the Submit Request button to finalize your requisition and submit it into the workflow.  A submission confirmation message displays containing the Requisition Number link used to review the requisition.

Requsition Status

Once the requisition has been budget checked and approved, it is routed to buyer and PO approver to complete the procurement process. The requisition will remain in Pending status until complete. The Requisition Status panel updates with the names of assigned approvers as the requisition moves through the procurement process.

Experiencing Difficulties?

If you are having any difficulties with CUNYBuy at Brooklyn College, please reach out to sharedservices@brooklyn.cuny.edu.

For more resources check out the CUNYBuy Sharepoint site.

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