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CUNYBuy: Create a Requisition from the Marketplace

The Marketplace section offers the functionality to punchout and shop within an approved supplier website while completing the checkout and approval process from within CUNYBuy. This integration allows users to access and shop from supplier websites without leaving the CUNYBuy environment, streamlining the procurement workflow.

Logging into CUNYBuy

CUNYBuy can be accessed from the following link using your single sign-on login ID (i.e., Fistname.Lastname01@login.cuny.edu).

Create a Requisition from the Marketplace

  • To begin, navigate to the Marketplace section where you will find a selection of supplier tiles representing approved suppliers. 
  • Click on the supplier tile to access the supplier’s website through the punchout feature.
Always, always, always verify the business unit and the cart is empty before creating the requisition. 
To empty the cart, select the cart to open the Shopping Cart window. Then click the ellipse(...) beside the item to display and select the Remove option. The item will be removed from the cart.

Supplier Website

Shopping the Marketplace

Once a tile is selected, you will be redirected to the supplier’s website to shop directly from the supplier. Shop on the supplier’s website and create a cart as you normally would.

Review your Cart

Click the Cart icon to review all items you are ordering.

Note: Any changes to the order such as quantity, goods, and adding or removing a line, must be made here before you submit the order. Once this cart becomes a requisition in CUNYBuy, you will not be able to make any changes.

Submit Cart

Click Submit Cart to exit the supplier website and return to CUNYBuy.

Note: Some suppliers may display an additional cart confirmation message to confirm the cart before returning  to  CUNYBuy. Accept the confirmation message to proceed.

Proceed to Checkout

The Shopping Cart page provides for reviewing the details of the order before proceeding to checkout or assigning the requisition. If needed, select the Modify Items link to make any adjustments or corrections. Click Proceed to Checkout to display the Requisition page.

Completing the Requisition in CUNYBuy

To complete the requisition process, additional information will need to be entered. On the Requisition page, there are two main sections that require attention:

  1. The GeneralShipping, and Billing sections where you will enter a descriptive requisition name, provide the justification for your purchase, or update the shipping and billing items. Lastly, scroll down to enter the accounting information.
  2. The Requisition Status panel, which provides a list of items that need to be entered or corrected before the order can be placed as well as the approval workflow, showing the status and any pending approvals.

Step 1: General Section – Requisition Name & Justification

  • Click the Pencil icon next to the General section to access the dialog box.
  • Click on the Requisition Name to edit it and provide a unique and descriptive name that helps identify the purpose or nature of the requisition.
  • Review and update the Prepared For information, to reflect the request is being created on behalf of another staff.
  • In the Justification field, provide a clear explanation of why the purchase is needed and how it aligns with the business objectives.
  • Click the Save button to save your work.

Step 2: Shipping & Billing Address Sections

  • Click the Pencil icon next to the respective section you want to edit (Shipping or Billing). 
  • To edit the Shipping address (Note: If you need to add or modify campus address information, submit a ServiceNow ticket):
    • Click on the Magnifying Glass icon to show a list of available options for shipping.
    • Select the appropriate shipping information.
    • Click the Save button to save your work.
  • To edit the Billing information:
    • Click the Magnifying Glass icon to view a list of available options.
    • Select the applicable option(s) and click the Save button.

Step 3: Accounting Codes

Scroll down to the Accounting Codes section and select the Pencil icon.

  • Enter the applicable chartfield information into the corresponding fields or click the Heart icon to select from your favorites section.
  • Select the Checkmark icon to validate the chartfield. This step ensures that the entered Chartfield string is valid.

Note: Please contact your campus business office for chartfield information.

Click on the Save button to save your work and continue.

Step 4: Comments & Attachments

The Comments and Attachments sections are available for entering support information related to the requisition. These sections serve different purposes and guidelines:

  • Comments: The Comments section is specifically intended for internal CUNY review. It provides a space where you can add additional details, notes, or instructions related to the requisition. When you click on the Comments section header, you will be prompted to enter the additional details.
  • Attachments: The Attachments section allows you to include supporting documents or files that are relevant to the requisition.

Note: Adding attachments to Marketplace requisitions can cause errors. Therefore, do not attach any files to marketplace requisitions in CUNYBuy.

Step 5: Requisition Status (Draft)

When a requisition is in the Draft status in CUNYBuy, the Requisition Status panel provides useful links to facilitate the completion of required sections and provide a workflow summary. Here’s how it works:

  1. Required Sections: These links act as shortcuts, allowing you to navigate directly to the specific sections that need your attention. 
  2. Workflow Summary: This summary provides an overview of the requisition’s progress within the approval workflow, indicating which steps have been completed and which are pending.
  3. Submit Request: When you click on the Submit Request button, the requisition moves out of the Draft status and progresses to the next stage in the workflow.

By leveraging the links provided in the Requisition Status panel, you can easily navigate to the required sections, complete the necessary information, and ensure that all mandatory fields are filled. Once all the required sections are appropriately completed, you can utilize the enabled Submit Request button to move the requisition forward.

Step 6: Submit Request

  • Click the Submit Request button. This action finalizes the requisition and initiates the submission process into the workflow.
    • Submission Confirmation: Once you submit the requisition, a confirmation message will be displayed. This message will typically include the Requisition Number, which serves as a unique identifier for your requisition. You can click on the Requisition Number link to review the requisition and ensure that all the changes are reflected correctly.
    • Approval Workflow: Upon submission, the requisition will be automatically sent to the approval queues of the identified approvers through CUNYBuy’s workflow. The requisition will progress through the approval process based on the configured workflow rules within your institution’s CUNYBuy system.

Please note that the specific workflow rules and approval processes within CUNYBuy may vary based on your institution’s configuration and settings. It is advisable to consult your campus guidelines or reach out to the appropriate support channels if you have any specific questions or concerns regarding the requisition submission process.

Step 7: Requisition Status (Pending)

As the requisition progresses through the workflow, the Requisition Status panel updates to display the current status as Pending. This panel provides valuable information regarding the requisition’s progress and the necessary approvals.

Note: If the requisition fails the budget check, it is returned to the Draft Cart status. Please work with your campus budget office  to resolve and resubmit the requisition.

  1. Status Updates: The Requisition Status panel will reflect the status of the requisition, which will change from “Draft” to “Pending” as it moves through the approval workflow. This status update indicates that the requisition is now in the queue for review and approval by the designated approvers.
  2. Budget Check and Pre-encumbrance: As you scroll down through the Requisition Status panel, you will find information indicating that the budget has been checked and the pre-encumbrance has been set.
  3. Approvals Display: This information helps you track the progress of the requisition within the approval workflow.

It’s important to note that in CUNYBuy, the budget check is performed automatically and takes place prior to any approvals. This helps ensure that the requisition adheres to budgetary limits and constraints before it proceeds further in the workflow.

Note: Upon approval, Marketplace requisitions will not route to the campus purchasing office.

Experiencing Difficulties?

If you are having any difficulties with CUNYBuy at Brooklyn College, please reach out to sharedservices@brooklyn.cuny.edu.

For more resources check out the CUNYBuy Sharepoint site.

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