How to Approve an Expense Report

Note: Mozilla Firefox is the recommended browser for using CUNYfirst.

  1. Log in to CUNYfirst.
  2. Navigate to Financials Supply Chain > Worklist.
  3. A list of all of the Expense Reports that require attention will be displayed. In the “Link” column, a clickable link for each Expense Report will be displayed. Select the desired Expense Report and click on that link.
  4. On the next screen, the Expense Report may be reviewed before being approved. Ensure that the budget status is valid, the business purpose is legitimate, and the travel dates (if applicable) are correct. Review the supporting documentation and ensure that the chartfields are correct.
  5. To send back the Expense Report, click the “Send Back” button. Comments indicating the necessary corrections are required when an Expense Report is sent back by an approver. Both the Expense User and the proxy who entered the Expense Report are notified by e-mail when an Expense Report is sent back by an approver.
  6. To approve the Expense Report, click the “Approve” button.
    If the “Approve” button is grayed out (not clickable), then click on the “Budget Options” link. On the next page, click the “Check Budget” button.
    1. If the budget is valid, click on the “Return to Expense Report” link, and click the “Approve” button.
    2. If the budget is not valid, send an e-mail with a brief description of the issue. Be sure to include the Expense Report ID number.
  7. After clicking the “Approve” button, the “Approval Confirmation” screen will appear and the browser window may be closed.

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