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What is the Fiscal Review Advisory Committee (FRAC)?


FRAC aims to invigorate and reimagine the Budget Committee for the College’s current purposes.

FRAC will make fiscal recommendations to the President by:

  • Reviewing fiscal information and considering strategic investments
  • Integrating campus strategic planning and priorities with financial realities
  • Analyzing financial change and its impact on the institution
  • Maintaining a highly transparent process
  • Participating in college-wide fiscal training of constituencies

FRAC Membership

Tim Shortell, Chair of Faculty Council (FC)
Gunja SenGupta, Chair of FC Master Planning Committee
MJ Robinson, FC Master Planning
Ellen Tremper, Chair of Chairs in CAP
Jesus Perez, Chair of Presidential Advisory Committee on Staff (PACS)
Judith Kenny, Vice Chair of PACS
Aharon Grama, UG Student Government (SG) President
Louis Di Meglio, Graduate SG President
Anne Lopes, Provost Alan Gilbert, SVPFA, FRAC Chair
Ron Jackson, VP for Student Affairs
Todd Galitz, VP for Institutional Advancement

Arijit Dhillon, Special Assistant to the President

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