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Federal Work Study Supervisor Resource Hub

This resource hub is designed to provide 24/7 guidance and assistance to FWS Supervisors through the process of becoming an FWS Supervisor, submitting a job, hiring FWS Student(s), submitting timesheets and ensuring FWS student are paid for their work. The hub also includes additional resources to help FWS supervisors better understand the FWS program requirements.

FWS Supervisor Announcements & Deadlines

Regularly check the FWS Supervisors Announcements page for updated information on resources, deadlines and common questions for the time of year.

FWS Supervisor Sequential Process Step Guides

The following step guides walk you through each component of the FWS Supervisor Process in the sequence that they occur. Some steps will have additional step guides linked to help you further understand specific steps (such as enrolling in Blackboard or completing Form I-9)

Step Guide 1: How to Become an FWS Supervisor (6 minute read)

Step Guide 2: How to Submit a Job Description in JobX (3 minute read)

Step Guide 3: How to Hire an FWS Student into an FWS Position (4 minute read)

Step Guide 4: FWS Supervisor Timesheet and Payroll Process (9 minute read)

Other Helpful Step Guides

How to access Blackboard and Self-Enroll in the FWS Supervisor Orientation (for On-Campus Supervisors only) (4 minute read)

Federal Work-Study: How to Complete USCIS Form I-9 (for FWS supervisors and students) (6 minute read)

Federal Work-Study Student Process Guide (guide for students on the entire FWS process) (11 minute read)

USCIS Completing Form I-9 (external website)

Financial Aid TV: FWS Video Resources

Federal Work-Study Student Basics

Essentials for Federal Work-Study Supervisors

FWS Supervisors FAQ

This article is 7 minute read.

Program Eligibility Questions

1) Why does the FWS process seem complicated?

FWS student workers are required to meet eligibility criteria for BOTH Federal Student Financial Aid and work authorization within the United States. Additionally, there are NY state employment forms which must also be submitted by students. FWS employment is an actual job. Wages are reported to the IRS and the NY State Department of Taxation and Finance. The earnings may be taxable. Consequently, placing a student in an FWS position requires compliance with multiple federal and state laws and regulations, which can make the process seem challenging. To make it less challenging this webpage has been developed to guide you through the process of becoming an FWS Supervisor.

Just as students must meet certain eligibility criteria to participate in the Federal Work-Study program so too must Federal Work-Study supervisors. See Step Guide 1: How to Become an FWS Supervisor to learn how to determine if you are eligible to become an FWS Supervisor.

2) Why do new FWS Supervisors need to be approved before they can login?

To comply with federal regulations and guidance all prospective FWS supervisor requests are reviewed to ensure that the candidate meets the eligibility criteria outlined in the “Step Guide 1: How to Become an FWS Supervisor”

Any student you are interested in considering for a position must meet the following eligibility requirements:

3) Which students can be considered for FWS employment?

  1. File a FAFSA for the current academic year and meet the Basic Eligibility Criteria defined in the law (this would exclude international students).
  2. Have no outstanding financial aid to do list items in their CUNYfirst Student Center.
  3. Have accepted the FWS offer on their CUNYfirst financial aid package for the term they will work.
  4. Enrolled for a minimum of six (6) credits in their division of matriculation. They must maintain this minimum enrollment to continue working.
  5. Must meet the Federal Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) standards.

4) Can I use FWS student employees to replace (or in lieu of) regular staff?

No. Federal regulations expressly prohibit the use of Federal Work-Study resources to replace the work performed by regular positions whether those position are full-time or part-time. Your job description must not be one of a regular employee.  

Job Description and Hiring Process Questions

1) How do I request to hire an FWS student employee?

Refer to Step Guide3 : How to Hire an FWS Student into an FWS Position to learn more about how to hire a student.

2) I was an FWS supervisor during the prior academic year, what do I need to do?

  1. Submit a new job description, even for a job that was posted in the prior year. For technical reasons, do not remove the prior job description from storage. You may copy and paste the text from the prior job description into the new submission.
  2. Your job description will be reviewed by FWS staff to ensure it still complies with federal program guidelines. If it does not it will be sent back for revision. If it does, it will be approved.

Refer to Step Guide 2: How to Submit a Job Description in JobX for more details

3) I have a student who worked for me last year that I’d like to hire again. What can I do to hire them again?

If you have a student that you want to rehire from a prior year please inform them to follow the steps outlined in Federal Work-Study Student Process Guide. Students who filed a FAFSA but did not receive an FWS offer can submit an appeal request for funding via the Dynamic Forms system (information for the student is in step 3 of the student process guide linked above).

FWS Supervisors will need to resubmit their job description in the JobX system before the student can be rehired. Refer to Step Guide 2: How to Submit a Job Description in JobX to resubmit your job description so the student you would like to hire again can apply.

4) How do I know when my hire request has been approved and the student can start working?

You and the student will receive a “hire approval” email indicating the earliest date the student can start working. 

5) How do I know the status of my hire request?

In the JobX system, under the Job Control Panel, where it lists the applicants by position click on the number link next to “Applications”.

Scroll down on the page (past the name filters) to see a complete list of applicants and the status of their application.

Additionally, when the student submits the Form I-9 Upload in Dynamic Forms you and the student will receive a confirmation email letting you know that the documents have been received. Make sure the student has your correct full name and email address so that you will receive the communication and be able to access a digital copy of the form. If the all of the uploaded documentation is complete the hire approval email will be issued in approximately 2-3 weeks. If the documents are incomplete they will be returned to the student for correction. The hire approval email will not be generated until the student successfully completes the Form I-9 and NYS labor form upload process.

6) The student told me they submitted all documents why can’t they start working?

  • The student does not have an FWS offer or completed the orientation and is therefore not following the process in the correct sequence.
  • The student only just submitted the documents. There is an approximate turnaround time of 2-3 weeks when documents are submitted. While we strive to complete document review as soon as possible there are occasions where it can take longer, especially during the summer or where a student did not properly complete the documents.
  • The student submitted partial or incomplete documentation, didn’t follow the form’s instructions, did not sign a required document (or the supervisor didn’t sign section 2 of the USCIS I-9). In those cases, the forms are returned electronically to the student with instructions to fix the issue. You will receive a notification when the student resubmits the documents in the I-9 upload form.
  • The student does not check their email. If forms are returned with instructions for how to correct the submission but the student does not respond to the email’s instructions the process cannot continue. 

As noted above the FWS program requires compliance with multiple federal and state regulations. Skipping a step or leaving something out which might seem insignificant may not be and can delay the process.

7) How can I, as an FWS supervisor, help the student complete the process?

Get More Help

Who do I, as an FWS supervisor or prospective supervisor, contact if I need help?

Prospective and approved FWS Supervisors with additional questions not addressed above may email FWSSupervisor@brooklyn.cuny.edu for assistance. This is our dedicated email for all FWS Supervisor questions and concerns.