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How can I use Dropbox for my class?

You can use Dropbox to share files with students and collect files from students. To learn more about using Dropbox, review the training resources.

Example: Sharing course materials with your students

  1. Copy your course materials to Dropbox and share links to the files or entire folders with your class via email. Here is an example folder structure:

2. Copy recordings of your lectures to Dropbox and share links to videos.

Example: Collecting assignments from your students

Use File Requests to set up a folder in your Dropbox that students can use to upload their files.


  • Very easy to use
  • Fast setup time: usually around 5 minutes
  • Use from your web browser or install to your computer
  • Access you files from anywhere
  • Many available tutorials
  • Easy to share links to files and folders with your students
  • Easy to collect files from your students
  • Unlimited free cloud storage from CUNY


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