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How do I view a class roll book?

There are two ways to view and download your class roll book:


The roll book for each class is available in the My Teaching Schedule application in WebCentral.

  1. Open WebCentral in your web browser and sign in using your WebCentral ID.
  2. Click My Teaching Schedule in the left navigation.
  1. Click View Roster for the desired course
  1. Click Roll Book to generate a printable roll book with all the class meeting dates
Example Roll Book

BC Navigator

BC Navigator includes a convenient roll book, useful for tracking classroom participation & excused absences.

  1. Go to My BC Info > My Teaching Schedule.
    (login with WebCentral / Portal username)
  2. Select the desired Semester and Course Section.
  3. Participation tab: View participation / attendance status for the entire semester, or for a specific meeting date.
    • Statuses: Participated (P), Excused (X), Absent (A), Unknown (–)
BC Navigator course roll book, student participation per-session

To set or change participation/attendance status:

  1. Select a meeting date via dropdown or calendar button.
  2. Click on the student to display their current status.
  3. Set the desired status for that student and meeting date.

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