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How do I address rodent/pest problems?

The campus community, from Facilities to faculty, staff and students, collectively plays a collaborative role in proactively maintaining a healthy and safe environment. This is particularly true with pest control. While Facilities continues to identify and close entry points and schedules extermination services, your cooperation is needed to create an unfriendly environment for rodents and other pests.

All offices should implement the following guidelines:

  • Eliminate all trash and metal/plastic/glass recycling bins in individual offices. Use shared bins centrally located in hallways.
  • At the end of the work day, place rinsed recyclables and waste in the hallway bins for pickup.
  • Keep all food brought into the office in the refrigerator, freezer or in air tight containers. Rodent have a keen sense of smell and can easily find food inside plastic bags.
  • Remove from premises or clean nightly all toaster ovens, toasters, refrigerator and microwaves.
  • Remove plants. This is a temporary measure as rodents may burrow and feed on the roots.
  • Regularly wipe down surfaces clean with a mild detergent or cleaner and paper towel .
  • Manage the amount of paper and cardboard boxes. Rodents use these items for nesting.
  • Report sightings, dropping and holes to Facilities via the Work Request system or at FacOps@brooklyn.cuny.edu.

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