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What are some general safety guidelines to follow?

1. Promptly report unsafe conditions, incidents, and emergencies via extension 5511. Call 5885 for Facilities emergencies.
2. Follow classroom safety rules, especially in labs, studios, and shops.
3. Keep club areas clean, clutter-free, and free from slip, trip, fall, and other safety hazards, e.g. no open flames. Leave household or consumer pesticides and other chemical products at home.
4. Know your exits and participate in all fire and emergency evacuation drills.
5. Obey traffic laws, including the speed limit, when operating a vehicle on the campus.
6. Follow restricted areas and other warning signs.
7. Use the handrail when using the stairs and ask for help when lifting heavy or awkward loads.
8. Go paperless and recycle cardboard boxes to minimize storage of combustibles.
9. Close lights and windows, and turn off unnecessary equipment at the end of the day to protect the integrity of building systems.
10. Respect CUNY’s smoke- and tobacco-free (including vape pens) campus policy.

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