How to Make Travel Arrangements

Prior to Travel

When you are on a work-assigned location, more than 75 miles from home and Brooklyn College, you are considered to be in travel status and eligible for travel expenses. Please refer to the CUNY Travel Policy for rules and regulations.

Prior to traveling, complete the Brooklyn College Authorization to Travel Form and submit a Travel Authorization in CUNYfirst. The Travel Authorization must be fully approved in CUNYfirst before traveling. Pre-approval is required for hotel and car rental overages. Check with the Office of Accounts Payable on how to obtain approvals for these types of overages.

Please secure the most economical method of travel in the best interest of The City University of New York.

If using a Travel Card, use the online booking system CONCUR, which ensures an easy booking process for all New York State travelers, including government rates, when available, for flights, hotels, Amtrak tickets and car rentals, and agent-assisted reservations.  

For assistance with CONCUR, refer to the following:

After Travel

After travel, an Expense Report for Brooklyn College employees must be created and approved in CUNYfirst. The following items must be uploaded and attached to the expense report in CUNYfirst: redacted credit card statement, conference agenda, itinerary, e-Ticket, boarding passes, itemized receipts, pre-approvals and letter of justification.

Contact the Office of Accounts Payable so the travel expenditures can be properly documented and consistent with CUNY and State guidelines. The Office of the State Comptroller (“OSC”) determines the rules for expenditures; if all guidelines are not followed, there can be no guarantee that expenditures will be paid or reimbursed.

State employees who receive their payroll checks via direct deposit will receive the travel reimbursement as a separate deposit transaction into the same account(s). The transaction description on the bank statement will show that the deposit is made by OSC. If the employee’s direct deposit is not set up with the Payroll Office, a check will be mailed to the address on file with the Payroll Office.


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