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Konica Minolta Business Solutions provides copier maintenance service for the Brooklyn College community. The college manages the contract and billing for Konica Minolta copiers. Departments are not required to pay for any Konica Minolta maintenance and repair services or remit any packing slips for supplies to the Office of Accounts Payable.

How do I request copier service or ordering supplies?

To request service or order supplies for Konica copiers, contact Konica Minolta at 800.456.5664. Supplies include toner and staples. Have the model number and ID number of the copier ready. 

For onsite service, the technician will usually arrive within 24 hours; however, the repair process may take two to three business days. If additional parts must be ordered, the process may take up to one week. 

For supplies delivery, allow two to three business days. To ensure an adequate supply of toner, it is best to order as soon as the last available toner cartridge has been installed. 

For Xerox copiers requiring service email BC Fleet at bcfleet@brooklyn.cuny.edu.

Meter Reads

Meter reads are submitted electronically by Konica Minolta copiers (if applicable). Departments will be contacted by BC Fleet to obtain quarterly copier meter reads for copier units that do not have this option. Reply to the e-mail with the total counter reading of your machine as well as the ID number and location.

Scan to Email

All Konica Minolta copiers have the capability to scan documents into department staff e-mail boxes. This feature allows users to send documents in PDF format to themselves or other college employees. If you do not already have this functionality set up on your machine, contact the ITS Helpdesk to have your machine set up.

Konica Minolta copiers do not have the capability to fax. This option is not provided by the college, and it is recommended that departments purchase an inexpensive fax machine from Proftech should the need arise.


If the issue cannot be resolved by following any of the following steps, contact Konica Minolta for service.

  • If the copier is jammed, attempt to follow the copier’s onscreen instructions to clear the jam.
  • When replacing toner, if the new toner bottle does not lock into place, ensure that the protrusions are aligned as indicated on the toner box.
  • If the toner for the copier has run out and the machine is in the middle of making copies, the toner cartridge can be carefully removed, shaken lightly from side to side, and replaced. This may allow for an extra couple of hundred copies until the new toner arrives. Place an order for toner right away. 
  • If the copier’s scan to e-mail is not working or scans are not being delivered to the recipient—and all other copier features are working—contact the ITS Helpdesk to determine if the issue is being caused by a network error. If it is not a network issue, contact Konica Minolta for service.

Recycling Copiers and Toner

Contact BC Fleet at BCFleet@brooklyn.cuny.edu to arrange for removal and salvage of copy machines, as departments are not authorized to dispose of copiers on their own.

All used toner cartridges must be brought to the Office of Printworks, 0200 Boylan Hall, for proper disposal and recycling.

REMI Equipment Service

If a department requires annual maintenance service on a specialized piece of electronic equipment (e.g., production printer), the REMI Group may be able to provide significant cost savings by way of an annual service contract. Contact BC Fleet at bcfleet@brooklyn.cuny.edu for more details.



Konica Minolta


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