Mailing and Shipping Services

Mailing Services

0238 Boylan Hall
P: 718.951.5237

Elisa Burgos-Smith
Supervisor of Distribution and Accounting
P: 718.951.5237

Andre Jones
Supervisor of Presorted Mail Processing
P: 718.951.5237

Monday–Friday: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Same-day processing deadline: 2:30 pm

Effective January 27, 2023, United States Postal Service (USPS) Forever stamps, purchased at the rate of $0.63 per stamp, can be used to mail a one-ounce, first-class letter regardless of new rate changes.

The Office of Mailing Services follows standard USPS regulations and guidelines to determine the timeframes, packaging, and method of delivery of standard mailings.

Interoffice Mail

All interoffice mail must be placed in interoffice envelopes and have the full name and department of the person it is being delivered to. Room numbers and first names only are not acceptable. If Brooklyn College envelopes are used for interoffice mail, indicate this when mail is delivered to the Mailing Services office to prevent unnecessary use of postage funds.

Outgoing Mail

  • All outgoing mail must have a department name and the return address of Brooklyn College:

    Brooklyn College
    2900 Bedford Avenue
    Brooklyn, NY 11210
  • All stamped envelopes must be sealed.
  • Large manila envelopes must be sealed and not stapled to prevent damage of mail pieces and mail-processing equipment on campus and at USPS locations.
  • There will be no prestamping of mail. Business reply envelopes are available for purchase in Central Stores. The Office of Mailing Services must be notified before these envelopes are used.
  • Mail to be forwarded must have the old address covered completely, preferably with a label. The new address must be written over this label clearly.
  • Mail to be returned to the sender must have the addressee information covered completely, preferably with a label. “RETURN TO SENDER” must be written over this label.

Large Mailings

Contact the Office of Mailing Services prior to submission of mailings of more than 200 pieces. Your department or office may be able to achieve significant cost savings by presorting mail.


The CUNY messenger comes to Brooklyn College once a day between 9 and 10 a.m. CUNY mail is taken to 205 East 42nd Street and then to the various CUNY locations within two business days.

United Parcel Service

Brooklyn College uses United Parcel Service (UPS) for expedited delivery services. The costs for UPS services are charged to the user’s department or office OTPS budget. Central Routing and Receiving handles all large packages for UPS. This department can be reached at extension 5770.

Presorted Mail (Nonprofit and Presorted First-Class Mail)

Departments and offices are urged to allow Mailing Services to prepare their presorted mailings via automation. Processing fees for USPS automation compatible mailings are charged to the user’s OTPS budget.

  • The Office of Mailing Services should be contacted at least two weeks in advance for proper instructions before presorted mailings are prepared.
  • Permit numbers may be used only for matters pertaining to Brooklyn College and require prior approval from the Office of Mailing Services.
  • Once the item is dropped off at Mailing Services, processing time is 5 to 10 business days.

Letter-Finishing Services

Mailing Services provides limited letter-finishing services, including personalization, folding, and inserting.

Additional insertion options are available. Contact the Office of Mailing Services for more information.

General Services

General services such as the purchase of stamps, overnight express mail (USPS), priority mail, or personal mailings can be provided by the Office of Mailing Services. These services can be utilized only when the user’s method of payment is by personal check (with identification) or money order, in advance.

Note: No personal mail will be processed unless it is paid for in advance by check or money order with proper proof of identification.

Central Routing

Roosevelt Hall Loading Dock
718.951.5770 / 5769

Mikhail Gersher
718.951.5770 / 5769

Central Routing facilitates deliveries from various vendors to designated campus areas. These deliveries are received from the following couriers: UPS, DHL, and Federal Express.


Central Routing utilizes one vendor for shipping, United Parcel Service (UPS). Authorization is obtained for departments authorized to ship packages. User OTPS budgets are charged for UPS shipping. Shipping charges for the college are considerably lower than standard UPS charges.

Other Carriers

Private carriers apply their own rules, regulations, and pricing. Central Routing can assist with shipping with these carriers if an account number and destination address are provided. If you have a package with a prepaid label or a waybill that is packed and ready to go, Central Routing can assist you with shipping.

Campus Deliveries

Central Routing also delivers merchandise that is shipped through freight companies, dependent upon actual size of deliveries. We deliver merchandise from Staples, A.G.M., Quill Office Supplies, Viking Office Supplies, etc. Pallet-size deliveries are routed directly to their destination.


  • Central Routing does not accept personal packages.
  • UPS will not accept personal items for shipping.
  • All packages to be shipped should be labeled with the proper address.
  • Identify what type of service is being requested (e.g., next-day air, second-day air, ground service).
  • To assist in package tracking, provide a tracking number to expedite your request.

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