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Non-Employee / Student Reimbursements

Follow this process to request travel related reimbursement for guest speakers, interview candidates, external evaluators, and Brooklyn College students. Reimbursement requests for these individuals do not need to be entered in CUNYfirst. Contact the Office of Accounts Payable so that travel expenditures can be properly documented and consistent with CUNY and state guidelines. The Office of the State Comptroller determines the rules for expenditures; if all guidelines are not followed, there can be no guarantee that expenditures will be paid or reimbursed.

Submit the following documents along with the Non-Employee / Student Reimbursement Voucher (pdf) form to the Office of Accounts Payable:

  • Original itemized receipts/invoices/bills for reimbursable expenses such as hotel, AMTRAK, meals, bus, subway, tolls, bridges, tunnels, taxi, parking, and conference registration fee. Itemized receipts for all hotel stays must be provided. If the original receipt is not available, contact the hotel and request a duplicate copy. Breakfast and dinner are the only meals reimbursed by the state up to the per diem rate, which can be found on the GSA website.
  • Original boarding passes. If original boarding passes are not available, and the travel destination was outside of the United States, copies of stamped passport pages may be submitted.
  • E-ticket-confirmation e-mail for the airfare with information regarding the flight, ticket prices, taxes, and travel insurance costs. If e-ticket confirmation is not available, the original ticket showing same information may be submitted.
  • If a personal vehicle was used, submit a properly executed Statement of Automobile Travel form and check with the Office of Accounts Payable regarding current mileage rates. Print and submit GoogleMaps, YahooMaps, or MapQuest to determine totals miles traveled.
  • Expenses such as lunch meals, sales tax, alcoholic beverages, laundry, valet services, entertainment (e.g., theater, museum, in-room movies), room service, transportation to a location unrelated to the conference or meeting, and other personal charges are not reimbursable by the state.
  • If any of the claimed expenses are charged to a third-party credit card, have the card holder complete and sign Third-Party Credit Card Waiver form.

Non-employees and students will receive the reimbursement in the form of a check, mailed to the address provided on the form.

For any additional information, contact the Office of Accounts Payable.

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