Research Compliance

IACUC – Animal Research

  • IACUC Protocol Application Form (.docx)
    Use this form to initiate the application process for a new animal research protocol and new submission after your project has completed the three-year renewal cycle. Also, send with your application a copy of the entire research personnel and Principal Investigator’s IACUC CitiProgram Certification and their Animal Worker Statement of Fitness Form.
  • IACUC Amendment Request Form
    Please submit this form if you have any changes to existing approved protocols. Any changes require approval from the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee prior to implementation.
  • Personnel Change Form
    Please submit this form if you wish to amend personnel currently named on a protocol. Changes in the Principal Investigator or co-Principal Investigator are reviewed by the full committee, either at a convened meeting or by designated review.
  • Annual Animal Lab Annual Screening (.docx)
  • Animal Lab Health Screening Questionnaire (.docx)

IRB – Human Subject Research

For questions or assistance, contact the Office of Research Compliance

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