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What instructional options are available to teach my students about using Library resources for research?

The Library provides instructional sessions that teach students about the Library’s resources and services.

We aim to enhance the academic experience of Brooklyn College students, to improve their research skills, and to foster information literacy and critical thinking. (Learn more about the CUNY Libraries’ information literacy learning goals and objectives.) The Library highly encourages faculty in all departments to include library sessions in those courses that have a research component. Together we can introduce your students to:

  • doing research at the college level
  • effectively searching, locating, and evaluating information
  • popular and scholarly resources relevant to a specific assignment
  • basic and advanced searching of library resources, such as the catalog and article databases
  • discipline-specific resources and scholarly communication within that discipline

Please note that classroom faculty are expected to be active participants in library research sessions for their courses.

We look forward to working with you and your students!

ENGL 1010 – The Library Online Orientation Program (LOOP)

The Library Online Orientation Program (LOOP) is an Academic Foundations requirement for all students enrolled in English 1010. The LOOP is of great value to students and provides them with an important introduction to the library’s services and resources.

Questions about the LOOP and the LOOP requirement may be directed to Prof. Helen Georgas at hgeorgas@brooklyn.cuny.edu.

English 1010 Faculty: Please be sure to tell your students about this college-wide requirement early on in the semester, so that students can take advantage of everything the Library has to offer.

ENGL 1012

Library research sessions for English 1012 enhance student understanding of research resources and techniques, a stated objective of English 1012.

Among the topics covered in library instruction are:

  • How to do basic and advanced searching in OneSearch
  • How to choose and use subject-specific journal databases to find relevant articles
  • How to construct effective keyword and subject searches
  • How to evaluate information and its sources for quality
  • How to use the Web for scholarly research

Note: Library research sessions are most effective when students already have their research topics, so please keep this in mind when requesting a session.

English 1012 Faculty: A librarian will contact you in the first two weeks of the semester to arrange for your class to come in for a research instruction session. Alternately, you can use this form to request a library session. If you have worked with a subject specialist in the past, feel free to contact them directly to arrange for an instruction session.

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