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Who do I contact in an emergency?

Download a printable poster or pocket reference.


718.951.5885 (ext. 5885)

  • Water Leaks, Flooding
  • Temperature Control
  • Power Loss/Blackout
  • Pest Control
  • Ventilation Issues
  • Broken Glass
  • Fallen Branches/Debris
  • Icy Conditions

If any of these situations, or comparable ones, occur, call ext. 5885 or e-mail facops@brooklyn.cuny.edu. The complaint will be logged and dispatched to the appropriate trade so it can be addressed in an expeditious manner.

Environmental Health and Safety

718.951.5400 / 718.951.4268
(ext. 5400/4268)

  • Hazardous Material Spills/Releases
  • Odor/Gas Leaks
  • Biological/Radiological/ Chemical Emergency

Public Safety

718.951.5444 (ext. 5444)

  • General Emergency, Medical Emergency, Mental Health Emergency, Weather Emergency
  • Smoke, Fire, Active Shooter, Evacuation Procedures, Bomb Threat, Death on Campus, Missing person
  • Report a Crime/Suspicious Activity Suspicious Package, Campus Protests


  • General Emergencies 718.951.5444 (on campus x5444)
  • Facilities Emergencies 718.951.5478 (on campus x5478)
  • ITS Network Emergencies 718.951.4501 (on campus x4501)

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