How to Order

  1. Make sure that you have identified funding for your purchase, whether tax levy or non-tax-levy. Check the available budget. For assistance running budget queries, refer to the How to Run the OTPS Budget Overview Query guide. Note there is no funding in facilities for furniture purchases.
  2. Please submit a work request for GENERAL PROJECTS in Archibus. Do not use Furniture/Fixture Repair. Include a description of the furniture you want, and the budget chartfield information, if applicable. Work requests should be submitted no later than the end of November to meet the January requisition deadline (specific deadlines are announced at the start of every fiscal year).
  3. A planner will be assigned to work with you to make sure that the furniture meets the college’s standard and is appropriate to the space. The planner will also get quotes from multiple state-vendors.
  4. The facilities department will enter the requisition for approval. Please note that submitting furniture requisitions for approval in CUNYfirst without the involvement of a Facilities Department planner is likely to delay your order.
  5. Department supervisor and approver approve the requisition. For assistance approving requisitions, refer to the How to Approve a Purchase Requisition guide.
  6. Once the requisition passes the budget check, it is sent to the Office of Purchasing and Contracting to be processed.

When You Receive Your Order

Create receipts in CUNYfirst only for items that have been received.

  1. Create a receipt in CUNYfirst. For assistance creating receipts, refer to the How to Create a Receipt guide.
  2. Submit the signed and dated packing slip and a copy of the CUNYfirst receipt confirmation page to the Office of Accounts Payable.
  3. If the item cost more than $5,000, ensure that the item has been properly tagged by the Office of Internal Audit and Property Management.

If There Is a Problem With Your Order

If the item must be returned or exchanged, or if you have any other questions or concerns. please contact your facilities planner.

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