How to approve a purchase requisition

  1. Log in to CUNYfirst.
  2. Navigate to Financials Supply Chain > Worklist.
  3. A list of all of the requisitions that require attention will be displayed. In the “Link” column, a clickable link for each requisition will be displayed. Select the desired requisition and click on that link.
  4. On the next screen, the requisition may be reviewed before being approved. Note: If the requisition has multiple lines, individual lines may be selected for approval or denial. All lines may be approved or denied by clicking “Select All/Deselect All.” To review the requisition prior to approval (recommended):
    1. Click the “Select All/Deselect All” checkbox
    2. Click the “View Line Details” button. A pop-up window will displays each line item on the requisition.
    3. A short description of the goods or services being requested will be listed under Description.
    4. The combination of chartfields will dictate which budget will be charged. To determine which budget the requisition will be charged to, refer to the OTPS CUNYfirst Chartfield Crosswalk.
    5. Account will determine which NPS (Non-Personnel Services) Budget within the department or program will be charged. To determine the NPS Budget the Account code is associated with, enter the five-digit Account code into the text box on the OTPS Category Crosswalk.

  1. To approve the requisition, check the boxes next to the items to be approved (they may still be checked from the previous step), or check the “Select All/Deselect All” checkbox again.
    • Click the yellow “Approve” button to approve the requisition. 
    • Click “Deny” to send the requisition back to the requester. When denying either the entire requisition or specific lines, a comment must be entered in the provided text box that will be made visible to the requester.
  2. After clicking the “Approve” button, the “Approval Confirmation” screen will appear and the browser window may be closed.

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