Category code quick reference

Below is a list of the most commonly used Category codes:

Category DescriptionCategory CodeAssociated Budget
Office Supplies
(pens, toner, general items, etc.)
4412000000Supplies and Materials
Mail and Cargo Transport
(shipping costs)
7810000000Misc Contractual Services
(magazines, journals, renewals, etc.)
5510151901Misc Contractual Services
Computer Services
(maintenance, repairs, etc.)
8111000000Misc Contractual Services
Computer Equipment
(computers, hardware, etc. >$5,000)
4321000001Equipment Acquisitions
Computer Hardware
(computers, hardware, etc. < $5,000)
4321000102Equipment Acquisitions
Computer Accessories
(keyboards, monitors, mice, etc.
< $5,000)
4321160002Supplies and Materials
(membership dues)
9999000300Misc Contractual Services
Promotional Merchandise
(giveaways, hats, mugs, magnets, etc.)
8014160500Misc Contractual Services
Commercial Furniture
(office furniture, faculty furniture)
5611000000Equipment Acquisitions
Printing Services
(invitations, programs, brochures, etc.)
7315000000Misc Contractual Services
(food for events and other functions)
9010160300Supplies and Materials
Printed Media
5510000000Supplies and Materials
(newspapers, radio, Internet, etc.)
8210000000Misc Contractual Services
Laboratory Supplies and Fixtures
(lab supplies)
4112000000Supplies and Materials
Elements and Gases
(more specific lab supplies)
1214000000Supplies and Materials

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