• My email shows the wrong time

    It’s possible that Microsoft 365 (M365) has the wrong timezone for your account. Here is how to verify and update the timezone on your M365 account.

  • Using shared/entity mailboxes on M365

    Accessing a shared mailbox Shared mailboxes in Microsoft 365 must first be connected to an employee M365 account. There is no direct access to shared mailboxes. To ensure uninterrupted access to shared mailboxes during the migration to CUNY Microsoft 365 (M365), ITS must move all employee email accounts that need…

  • How do I access my CUNY M365 email on the web?

    Outlook on the web for Microsoft 365 is a fully-featured email client that works directly in your web browser. It can be used in place of the Outlook desktop client for almost all users.

  • How to configure your CUNY M365 cloud email on the Outlook App for Android

    If you haven’t done so already, install the Outlook App from the Google Play Store 1. Open the Outlook App and select Add Account 2. Enter your CUNY Login username (Firstname.Lastname##@login.cuny.edu) as your email address. You will be redirected to the CUNY Web Applications Login page. 3. Enter your CUNY Login credentials. 4….

  • Changing profiles in Outlook

    If you want to view your legacy local mailbox account, you can change Outlook profile to the previous profile. 1. Select the File tab from the menu ribbon. 2. Press the Account Settings tile and select Change Profile from the dropdown menu. 3. A pop-up window will warn you that…

  • How to configure your CUNY M365 cloud email on Outlook for Windows

    1. Close the Outlook desktop application. 2. Access Control Panel via the Windows Start button by searching “Control Panel”. 3. Select Mail (Microsoft Outlook) and then click Show Profiles. 4. Press Add to add a new profile, then choose a name, and click OK. You can use any name you…