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Procurement and Contracting: Getting Started

The Tax Levy budget is the college’s primary operating budget, which comes from tuition paid by students and New York State allocations. Transactions must comply with federal, state, and CUNY guidelines.

The Non-Tax Levy budget consists of funds earned from sources other than student tuition and state funding. Though there are fewer spending restrictions with this budget, transactions must still comply with the college’s guidelines.

CUNYfirst eProcurement is a self-service purchase requisition module that allows end users to control their OTPS spending. End users may submit and track their requests throughout the procurement process. Please review the eProcurement Workflow to become familiar with the procurement process.

Notice of Fraudulent Activity – June 2020

It has been brought to CUNY’s attention that there are fraudulent activities occurring where vendors are creating/using state agency Purchasing Orders to place orders. As such, we have been asked to notify our vendors accordingly and for us to be vigilant about this. CUNY has created the attached advisory to be posted to each college’s website informing vendors of this fraudulent activity. Your cooperation with this request is greatly appreciated.

Read the official announcement from CUNY

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