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Procure and Pay – Receipts and Payments


Once goods and services have been received, create a receipt in CUNYfirst and send the following documents to the Office of Accounts Payable. For assistance creating receipts in CUNYfirst, refer to the How to Create a Receipt guide.

  • Printed copy of a CUNYfirst receipt summary page showing your receipt ID, amount, quantity, goods receipt date, and your Purchase Order ID. To determine the correct date to enter, refer to the Goods Receipt Chart below.
Type of PurchaseReceipt DateExamples
Items (Physical Items)The date items were received.Supplies, computers, furniture
Services / Honoraria / Independent Contractor AgreementsThe date of service. For multiple dates, enter the latest date.Repairs, guest speakers, catering
Maintenance / Renewals / WarrantyIf the coverage period has ended, enter the last date of the coverage period.

If the coverage period has begun but not yet ended, enter the first date of the coverage period.

If the coverage period has not yet begun, enter today’s date.
Elevators, memberships, subscription, printers
Postage / PhoneThe invoice or billing date.UPS, Verizon, AT&T
Goods Receipt Chart

If the invoice is for services and items, enter the date of service. Do not enter a future date as the goods receipt date when creating a receipt.

  • Original signed and dated packing slip reviewed and signed by authorized signatory.
  • Original service tickets, packing slips or delivery tickets.

To ensure that current fiscal year funds are used for outstanding orders, state guidelines require that all goods must be received and all services must be completed on or before June 30, the end of the fiscal year. 

To initiate payments, the Office of Accounts Payable must receive the documents detailed above from the requester (department), a copy of the approved and dispatched Purchase Order from the Office of Purchasing, and an original invoice from the vendor. 

Note: Vendors doing business with the State of New York can review payment information and maintain address information via eSupplier. Refer vendors to the Statewide Financial System website.


Gulnoza Shakirova

Niky Wu

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