How to edit a receipt

  1. Log in to CUNYfirst.
  2. Navigate to Financials Supply Chain > Purchasing > Receipts > Add/Update Receipts.
  3. Click the “Find an Existing Value” tab. Ensure that the “Business Unit” is BKLPR.
  4. Enter a value in any one of the search fields, “Receipt ID Number,” “PO Number,” or “User ID,” to find the desired receipt.
  5. Enter the correct PO Number (without the preceding zeroes).
  6. Change the “Begins With” dropdown to “Contains.”
  7. Click “Search.”
  8. Find the desired receipt in the resulting list and click on the receipt number.
  9. Edit the receipt. Refer to the How to Create a Receipt guide for more information on working with receipts in CUNYfirst.

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