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Introduction to CUNYBuy: Our New Procurement System

We are excited to share the news of a transformative transition taking place within the City University of New York (CUNY) system. We have replaced our previous CUNYfirst system with an enhanced, web-based purchasing system: CUNYBuy.

CUNYBuy is the result of a significant procure-to-pay project that embarked with the goal of enhancing and streamlining our procurement and accounts payable functions. This project was jointly led by key members of the Central Office Procurement Team, University Office of Budget & Finance, Office of the General Counsel, Computing & Information Services, and Campus Representatives.

The primary project goals are to:

  • Leverage global and CUNY-specific best practices to deliver a user-friendly solution that will facilitate greater collaboration, utilization, and support within CUNY.
  • Streamline and simplify procure-to-pay business process requirements, including supplier management, purchasing and accounts payable.
  • Create transparency through a unified, accessible platform for both CUNY users and the suppliers.

What is CUNYBuy?

CUNYBuy is where CUNY departments can order goods and services from approved vendors. It’s designed to streamline our purchasing processes, increase operational efficiency, and ensure we’re getting the best value from our suppliers.

Why CUNYBuy?

CUNYBuy offers a comprehensive set of benefits, including:

  • User-Friendly Interface: Designed with user-friendliness in mind, CUNYBuy’s online shopping-like experience makes it easier to find and order the products and services you need.
  • Efficiency: With direct access to our approved vendors’ catalogues, the requisition process is simplified, reducing the time and effort required to place, track, and receive orders.
  • Transparency: CUNYBuy ensures transparency in the purchasing process, from requisition to payment, with real-time statuses of your orders for improved planning and budgeting.
  • Cost Savings: By aggregating CUNY’s purchasing power, we are able to negotiate better prices with vendors, resulting in significant cost savings for our institution.

To learn how to get started with CUNYBuy and complete the required training, please refer to the following articles: Getting Started with CUNYBuy and CUNYBuy Training: Enrollment and Access.

We’re confident that CUNYBuy will greatly improve our procurement processes, enhancing both efficiency and transparency. We appreciate your cooperation and patience during this transition period.

Experiencing Difficulties?

If you are having any difficulties with CUNYBuy at Brooklyn College, please reach out to sharedservices@brooklyn.cuny.edu.

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