Water is charged to the department’s CSS budget.

How to Order

To obtain a water cooler, schedule a repair, order additional water bottles, or to return a water cooler, send an e-mail.

When requesting a cooler (New Accounts Only), provide the following information:

  • Name of department
  • Location (where the cooler will be located)
  • Contact’s name
  • Contact’s number
  • How many bottles you would like to begin with
  • Budget to be charged

Changing the Location of a Water Cooler

To change the location of an existing water cooler, send an e-mail to schedule an appointment.

When You Receive Your Water

Although receipts no longer need to be scanned and sent, it is critical that you sign for the correct water delivery. When a delivery is made, prior to signing, verify that you are the correct recipient (indicated on the delivery person’s handheld device).

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