How to: Submit an Honors Grade Request

Submissions for Honors for Regular grades can be submitted about 1-2 business days after the grade has been posted to CUNYfirst. Professors have one year after the grade has been posted to request an honors designation through the Honors for Regular Courses online queue in BC WebCentral.

Grades are posted the day after grades are due, as noted in the Academic Calendar – not when they are submitted by the faculty to their grade roster(s).

To submit an Honors Grade request, follow the steps below.

  • Log into BC WebCentral.
  • Click on My Teaching Schedule on the left hand side menu.
  • Click Select Another Term to find the course(s) you wish to submit honors for. Then, click View.
  • All courses in that semester that you are able to submit honors for will then be listed. Click on Submit Honors Credits link for the course you wish to update and find the student you wish to submit honors for.
  • Submit the request.

If more than one year has passed, a request may be submitted through the Registrar Exception Request queue by the department chair with the following information: (1) Semester and year student took the course, (2) the course, and (3) the grade received.

Example text: “Fall 2018 CHST 4100 A with Honors”

Processing Time
Honors Grade requests are typically processed within 5-7 business days.
Access Requests
Faculty should automatically have access to submit these requests via BC WebCentral. If you do not see the Submit Honors Credit link, please report this to Requests must include your full name and EMPL ID number.
Contact Us
If you need any support with submitting this request, please contact us at

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