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Getting Started with Forms

Microsoft Forms lets you create forms, surveys, quizzes, and polls, and invite others to respond using any device. You can track responses in real time, use built-in analytics to evaluate responses, and export results to Excel for additional analysis or grading.

How do I access Microsoft Forms?

Forms is available on the web at forms.office.com (sign in with your CUNY Login). You can also create a form directly inside Microsoft Teams.

What if I already use Google Forms?

If you currently use Google Forms to create forms for college students and/or employees, it’s very easy to switch to Microsoft Forms. The features are nearly identical and you get the benefits of using a CUNY licensed and approved enterprise platform. Forms is also tightly integrated with Microsoft 365 (including Teams). You can use the Google Workspace Migration Manager to move your forms and data from Google Workspace.

Where can I learn more about Forms?

Training resources from Microsoft

Training resources from CUNY

Can I use Forms for live surveys in my class?

Yes. You can share your survey live on any screen for interactive engagement and real-time feedback during meetings or classroom lectures using Forms Present mode. You can even embed a live survey directly into a PowerPoint slide.

Can I move a form from my Microsoft account to a Team or Group?

Yes. If you create a form in your own account, you can move it to a Team (group). However, you cannot move a team-owned form to your individual account, create a duplicate instead.

What is Forms for Excel?

Forms for Excel lets you create a Microsoft Forms form inside Excel, OneDrive, or Teams, without leaving the app. Form responses are automatically linked to the Excel file and updated in real-time (similar to Google Forms). When you create a form separately on forms.office.com, you need to use the online analytics tools and download a new snapshot each time to view your results.

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