Instructions and Guidelines

This section contains a series of resource materials that provide guidance for performing various tasks within CUNYfirst Financials as well as other related tasks. Each page explains how to execute a specific set of functions related to purchase requisitions, receipts, travel and expense, budget-checking, and placing orders via Proftech.




Credit Cards



Travel Authorizations and Expense Reports



Non-Tax Levy

A Note on Pop-ups

CUNYfirst occasionally requires the usage of pop-up windows in your browser. Please ensure that your browser settings are set to display pop-up windows from CUNYfirst. Another option is to disable the pop-up blocker on a temporary basis when pop-up windows are required; in these situations, pop-up warnings from your browser will appear at either the top or bottom of the browser. Note that Mozilla Firefox is the recommended browser for using CUNYfirst.

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